The Swamplands of Denar

Location: The Denar swamplands occupy the center of the Known World, bordered by two segments of The Divide, The Pyrian Empire to the northwest, and Murai to the southeast.

Denar served as a center of government for the Dominion during its reign. The council chambers, embassies, and courthouses of its capital Leihahn alone were said to take up more land than any other capital in the Twenty Nations could provide. Vast numbers of goblin slaves worked endlessly throughout Denar, maintaining the sewers and cleaning for its huge human population.

The long, prosperous reign of Denar ended suddenly, along with the rest of the Dominion, with the tragedy of the Sundering. As Murai and Sendai were shattered and sunk beneath the waves, most of Denar was partially submerged as well. The rivers of Denar, once packed with the boats of ambassadors and representatives, flooded over with the rising waters to the west and south, turning the entire region into one vast swampland.

With little stable land left in the region, most Denari fled their lands, seeking refuge elsewhere in the Twenty Nations. The ruins of these great cities have since become the homes of the former goblin slaves. Legends of treasures or knowledge abandoned in Denar abound, but fear of the goblin squatters keeps most of those who hear such tales away.

The Swamplands of Denar

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