Location: Southwest of the Known World. Llionvialle lies deep within the Lost Kingdoms, and is bordered by The Utopi Jungle to the east and the former nation of Quelios to the north.

Climate: Marine tropical. Cool ocean breezes keep Llionvialle from becoming part of the sweltering jungles to the east, although it does remain warm and humid throughout the year.

Government: Monarchy by consensus. Each of Llionvialle’s three establishments is ruled by a hereditary lord or lady. Decisions affecting the entirety of Llionvialle are made by a simple majority among these three rulers.

Founded following the Sundering by the elves of the Army of Freed Ones, the land of Llionvialle exists as a merger of the ways of the past with those of the present. Prior to the coming of men, elves were found throughout the known world. Never congregating into large communities, the elven people exited in small, isolated villages and settlements. With no larger society to support them, these individual habitats became self-sufficient by necessity. Easily outnumbered, elves of this period became masters of combat with the sword and bow, as well as quick learners in the mystic arts. This independence also led to the elves’ reputation as mediators. Being uninvolved in most conflicts, leaders of local elven settlements would be brought in to settle disputes or provide neutral judges for the negotiation of treaties.

Despite their talents, the social organization of the elves of Kythar no doubt made their eventual enslavement much easier. To ensure their continued freedom, the founders of Llionvialle had to adapt, applying what they had learned of the humans’ governmental organization while in captivity to their benefit. By following these more rigid constraints in founding a new nation, Llionvialle has become a unified front for the elven people, helping to prevent their possible return to slavery. It should come as no surprise that the word llionvialle means “bastion” (or, literally, “safe, defensible place”) in the elven language.

Unfortunately, turmoil roils almost unendingly throughout Llionvialle. After millennia living in near total isolation and centuries dispersed in slavery throughout the Known World have resulted in often conflicting world views among the nation’s populace. Long lifespans and strong family ties have only served to worsen this problem. Feuds along family lines over some minor sleight (often only seen as such by those not receiving it), have a tendency to snowball into bitter rivalries and bloody duels that last for decades or even centuries, in the worst cases. With no apparent end in sight, the lords themselves have begun to turn a blind eye to such activities, taking them in stride as part of their new existence.

Other than a common language and faith, the elven people have little in common from one family house to another, other than a strong sense of honor. Unfortunately, individual families tend to develop entirely different concepts of what their codes of honor require in detail. Bows not made to precise heights, improperly phrased formal greetings, and courtships with the wrong members of a family have all been known to spark spontaneous dueling amongst the more hod-blooded members of the elven race.

Major Settlements:

Nihionlievai: Capital of the western establishment (or lordship) of Nihion, Nihionlievai is probably the most well-known establishment throughout the world. Dedicated to Sheinai, the high force of courage and ambition, the people of Nihion and its capital have been known to travel the outside world more than other elves in Llionvialle, seeking to vengeance for their ancestors and proving that their fear of enslavement has not overcome them.

Faraedael: Faraedael lies near the eastern border of Llionvialle and serves as the center of government for Draendil, its eastern establishment. Draendil and its Lord have dedicated themselves to the worship and pursuit of the high force of enlightenment found in Yaederai. Draendillians tend to remain within Llionvialle, and their establishment remains all but unknown outside of that nation. This is fortunate, as the scholars and spellcasters within Draendil often challenge those of Zaravek itself in knowledge and power.

Kienadar: Lying closer to human lands in the north, Kienadar (and all of Adar, its establishment) are often attacked by those slave-masters daring (or mad) enough to attempt the capture of new elven stock. Leisein, the high force of dedication and steadfastness is the target of Adar’s dedication. Some of the most talented elven blademasters hail from this establishment for this very reason. Unfortunately, for the human slave-takers, this means that many will quickly find the tables turned on them, if they are not sufficiently prepared, and become servants to an elven family line. Those who are lucky will simply be killed outright for their actions.


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