The High Forces

Holy Text: None

Major Deities: Leisein, Sheinai, Yaederai

Elven faith is almost unfathomable to outsiders, who have trouble comprehending the concept of high forces as opposed to gods. No organized worship exists for this faith, and it spreads by word of mouth among the elven community. Likewise, no true priests of the high forces exist, although elves often dedicate their lives to the pursuit of one of the forces in particular, and the other two to a lesser extent.

It is important to note that the high forces are not gods. They cannot take corporeal form, and do not command worshipers. Instead, the three high forces act as driving forces for existence. They are both the meaning of life, and its purpose. According to elven belief, all of reality is actually the result of the interaction of the three high forces, and mortals must always seek to pursue the traits embodied in them. To do otherwise is to work against creation itself.

A dark side does exist for the forces, however. Each high force has an antithesis, an opposite, created by mortals failing to pursue that force. For example, Sheinai’s antithesis was created by mortals living in fear and refusing to seek better things for themselves, and is empowered by the same. Just as the high forces create and maintain existence and life, their antitheses work to unmake reality and the living, giving rise to corruption and demons. Thus, if enough mortals ever fail to pursue the traits of the high forces, the antitheses may grow stronger than the high forces themselves, and completely unravel the universe.


Symbol: A square.

Leisein symbolizes dedication and steadfastness. Those who dedicate their lives to this force try to put their complete and total effort into everything they do and stand by their results. Most blademasters choose Leisein as the high force to dedicate themselves to. Leisein’s antithesis feeds on indecisiveness, procrastination, and the shirking of duties.


Symbol: A triangle.

The high force of Sheinai stands for courage and ambition. Growth and challenge are principal goals in the life of one who dedicates themselves to Sheinai. These individuals will almost never back down from a fight, and fight against any existing order in society that does not suit them. They are rebels at heart, and feel no shame in admitting it. The antithesis of Sheinai is founded in fear, complacency, and lack of motivation.


Symbol: A circle.

Yaederai symbolizes enlightenment and wisdom. Pursuing these goals means a lifelong study of the outside world and personal introspection. Many elven spellcasters dedicate themselves to Yaederai early in their studies, as do many scholars of their race. Yaederai’s antithesis feeds on ignorance, self-illusion, and foolishness.

The High Forces

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