Other Religions

The Two Wolfen Gods

Wolfen shamans teach of the two gods, the creator and the destroyer. These gods serve as a representation of the wolfen’s own psychological and spiritual battle, between their companionable side (which cares for the young and supports pack loyalty) and their predatory side (which lusts for the kill and pack dominance).

The Dwarven Forger

Dwarven religion centers around the Forger, an impersonal god who created the universe and all life, yet remains apathetic to his own creation, instead keeping entirely focused on his own work. Organized religion in the Neisagh Kaern centers around appeasing and gaining the attention of the Forger by proving oneself to the among the strongest and most durable of his creations.

Sheeresh Transcendency

The lizardfolk of The Sheeresh Matriarchy believe in transcendency, as opposed to actual gods. In their belief, a female and her mating circle who achieve great things in life can “become one” in the afterlife, forming one of the Transcendent Whole, a group of semi-god ancestors, worshiped by the lizardfolk.

Other Religions

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